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Children's Lessons (min. age 4) are on regular weekdays (after school) and on Saturdays in term-time. We have a good range of ponies and horses to cater for different ages, abilities and sizes. Regular clients will receive a discount for block-booking. Adult lessons are offered by appointment.

The Pony Club est. 1929

Sidmouth Riding is an approved Centre of the Pony Club (the youth organisation established in 1929). Members are eligible for the full range of Achievement Badges and Certificates awarded by the Pony Club. The Centre has regular Rallies and Competitions for Members

DIY Livery

DIY Livery terms include power, stabling, straw, haylage and hay! Also fees are for a calendar month and depend on size and range from £100 to £180 (large horse in big stable). We operate a two herd grazing system rotating on 60 acres here and, weather permitting, we expect 'everyone-out' for some part of every day. All livery clients have free use of outdoor and indoor facilities (when not required for lessons). Sidmouth Riding has an active and friendly yard with a wide range of ability and age. The yard is nearly always full but enquiries, from caring and honest owners welcome.


For riding-out, we expect you to be able to rise to the trot and capable of going out without lead rein.  Riding-out here will be supervised and the initial charge is £30. For that, as a new adult client, you would receive an introduction, with an opportunity to assess your horse/pony and saddlery, schooling in the arena and, if happy, a ride out on some of the local tracks, at paces to suit the conditions and your capability.

Children's Pony Parties

Party activities over a two hour period include: Grooming, Rides, Games and "Treasure" Hunt. Minimum age 4 - maximum number 10. Cost is £20 per child with minimum of £100 per party payable as your deposit for booking. We provide headgear, but children must have flat sole footwear with defined heal (not trainers!), strong slacks/ jeans/jodhpurs (not shorts!) and rainwear "just in case"! The party organiser is the person booking who is in loco parentis and agrees to our terms and conditions for riding etc. on behalf of all attending the party.


Part-Loan plan may be offered to competent lesson clients who can afford their hobby but who cannot commit as much time or take the same financial risk as owners of a horse or pony. Typical loan clients are busy people/parents. With Part-Loan, you know exactly how much it costs and how much time will be required. Sidmouth Riding pays for farrier, feed, tack, vet, etc. Loan fees depend on type and number of days you have but examples are:
Horse - 2 days per week = £100 per month       Small pony - Sundays = £50 per month

Locate Us

Locate us from A3052 (M5 J30). At Bowd Inn (Ottery St Mary Road), take Fire Beacon Lane (just behind Bowd Inn). After 200 metres go straight ahead into the Private (Cul-de-sac, 10mph signs) lane. Saltwynds Farm is at far end of lane where you should park just inside the farm gate and BEWARE of LOOSE & LARGE DOGS. If afraid, stay in your vehicle until we arrive to accompany you to the stables.

Contact Us

If you require further details or wish to book, please contact us:
or if you prefer Tel: 01395 579441

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All information is correct at the time of compilation but does not constitute any offer. Terms and conditions apply and we reserve the right to alter or amend terms and conditions either with notice to clients or without notice to other parties.
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